New Series !!

2017-07-18 00:12:42 by Infinityofficial

I'm starting a new music series called "Night Owl" where I basically make simple tracks around midnight. Don't worry about me, I'm fine as always. I catch some z's around 5 a.m or until I finish the track :)


Huge thanks to my team who supported me 

What am I doing?

2017-07-17 01:13:15 by Infinityofficial

What am I doing in life, it's like one in the morning and I'm here making a track in the dark. I need to rest soon, after i finish it :'v

Introducing my team!!

2017-07-11 21:56:51 by Infinityofficial

Since I am a producer,  I have a professional group of musicians who sometimes help me with  the mastering of my songs. Take note that I said SOMETIMES, I credit  them when they help. They are:

@Halo-Halo : my sound designer and singer

@SkylightOfficial : my composer and songwriter 

@SpectrumOfficial : my main mastering 

The reason behind Ombre

2017-07-11 11:25:34 by Infinityofficial

The reason I posted Ombre was because I'm out of ideas for my new EP, The Theif of Void. So I post fillers until I am able to make an official track. By the way, Ombre is a bit repetitive but as I said, it's just a filler.

Alive Acoustic?

2017-07-05 17:04:34 by Infinityofficial

Since Alive was made BEFORE my first track hosted on Newgrounds was created, it has grown pretty popular on Instagram and soundcloud. And now I'm wondering @Halo-Halo recommended that I make an acoustic version of Alive. Should I, or not?