The End.

2017-08-03 23:27:04 by Infinityofficial

Well, I guess this is the end. Before I leave, I just want to say a few things.


  • Thank you @GearWax for scouting me, if it wasn't for you, I would still be undiscovered.
  • Thank you to all my followers for supporting me 'til the very end, I love you and never forget that.
  • I will leave my account on for aspiring artists to look at it and get ideas.
  • This is not a joke, I am leaving newgrounds, I just can't stand the pressure of criticism.
  • @Halo-Halo , @SkylightOfficial and @SpectrumOfficial have decided to leave as well, hope you liked our tracks and content!




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2017-08-04 00:01:21

Already? well, that's a shame. good luck elsewhere then.


2017-08-04 00:21:39

If you want me to stay, comment "STAY"


2017-08-04 00:29:35



2017-08-04 01:26:04

if this is about what I commented on you're last newspost, just know that I wouldn't bother writing that if they didn't care. I''m honestly not trying to be mean, but I'm trying my best to help out

Infinityofficial responds:

It's not about you, I understand what you mean. It's when the day I first entered Newgrounds, I've been getting a lot of bad reviews, poor scores and even threats. I know all of my fans support me, but the negative things hit me the hardest. I can't believe I put up with all these negative things for three months, I would've given up weeks ago.
All in all, thanks for the helpful feedback.


2017-08-04 01:33:24

Stay, dammit. You only get better by rising above the criticism, not bowing out to the pressure.


2017-08-04 03:38:46

We all get bad reviews and threats too, but think of it as a way to improve yourself and work harder for the next song, when I made a bad song for a music comp. I got a lot of hate, but I dealt with it and now I have over 75 followers on Newgrounds! Work harder on the next song! There will always be a hater in a song, for ex. @Xtrullor - ( ) His songs are not as good as they were before, and he has a lot of hate, but he is still going, hoping that the song he just uploaded will be his turning point! NewGrounds is strict, I agree with you there, and there are a lot of negative people here, but they are most likely trying to make you create better music! listen to what @Ectisity - said, he is not trying to be mean, he is helping you become better, so that you can create better music for your fans!! So STAY!! - PancakePocket


2017-08-04 11:53:12

I know that we decided to leave together, but I think now is not the time. Remember that your boyfriend worked his butt off, saving to open up a label to promote artists like you. He spent hundreds, and you just walk away? Please consider staying.


2017-08-04 12:03:34

Please stay!
@Halo-Halo is right. Someone out there on Newgrounds considers you as their role model and inspiration, walking away will have a devastating effect on them. It will have a devastating effect on US, but if you decide to leave anyways, I will leave as well.


2017-08-04 13:28:02

Don't make me emotional. If you leave, no one will ever get to read your positive feedback and no one will ever get to read your positive criticism again. YOU are the one who made project Infinity a reality, YOU are the one who brought us together and YOU are the one who brought smiles to many of your fans. Without you, Infinity would still be a failed project, INFINITY would've never existed. You would just be, Ihmïsët. I would just be Heidan Breiset, @Halo-Halo would just be Halo Vigus and @SkylightOfficial would just be Dan Levine. Even though Jeremiah isn't on Newgrounds, he has led you to all the greatest things in the world. Now it's your turn to lead like you were meant to and show aspiring artists all that you know, because I know that you didn't spend three years of music school for nothing. When you graduate high school this year, we will be waiting for you at the Orlando Music Production school to finish our degree of music production together. You made Jeremiah proud, I support your decision, but I think you should give Newgrounds more time.


2017-08-04 19:59:05

Late to the party?
My mindset is that feedback is never bad as long as it's actually important. Ignore blind hate. I've dealt with some blind hate from Geometry Dash players because of my apathetic and annoyed attitude toward the players.
The first bad review I've gotten was on Occulus, which is justified because it's a bad song. That's why I tried a new style, over and over. Until I got to doing my current mixed bassy and techno music.
I'm glad you didn't quit. Just keep doing what you need to so and ignore the haters.