I'm Back? (jesus, it hasn't been a day yet)

2017-08-04 14:15:58 by Infinityofficial

It hasn't been a day yet, and a lot of people are telling me to stay, so I guess I could give Newgrounds more time.

The reason I put a crying mood is because all of the positive criticism I received, but instead of taking note of it, I just respond in a happy tone and just let it slip from my finger tips. I feel that you all put me under your wing and try to help me, but I push you away and refuse your help. Even though I have three years experience in music production, you all find a way to help me improve, so I thank you for that.

@SpectrumOfficial is right, INFINITY did start out as a project. It started as a virtual person who was managed by various artists(including me). The project then failed (due to many of the artists stressing) and I revived the project, renaming it "Infinity" instead of "project INFINITY", because Infinity was no longer a project, but a real person. Anyways, I love all of my fans and reviewers who helped me.


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