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2017-11-13 10:17:39 by Infinityofficial

The DUBSTEP WARS is near the end...





And I don't even have any new tracks for the contest. 


But how by hyped are you to see who are the winners? 



oh yeah...

Coming Home is out now!

2017-11-07 10:39:39 by Infinityofficial



Coming Home PREVIEW

2017-11-05 15:46:58 by Infinityofficial

A preview of my upcoming track, Coming Home (feat. Halo)




60 FANS! + thank you!

2017-10-28 15:48:11 by Infinityofficial

Remember when I said I was quitting NG?


I was away for some time after I posted that. While I was gone, I experimented on some new styles and found one after a long time.


Thank you for 60 thieves, I am grateful that I managed to get here.


I also thank @Ectisity, @PancakePocket, @GearWax and @Troisnyx for dragging me out of my fantasy world (where I thought that people who voted low were haters). They told me the the truth and gave me feedback on what to improve on. They also told me that not everyone who voted low was a hater, they're  honest and are willing to give me some constructive criticism.


  • Ectisity helped me find my own style of music by advising me to move on and learn something new other than to stay with my default dance music.

Last, but not least I want to advice you to try experimenting a bit more. Don't try to make another run-off-the-mill dance track, but try to discover you're own sound and you're style. Find what differs Infinity from other producers. I know this can be difficult, but I believe it's very important.~ @Ectisity


  • Troisnyx helped me by telling me that I have to stand up to criticism and use it to improve.


You have to rise above the criticism, not bow down to the pressure.~  @Troisnyx


  • GearWax helped me by telling me to ignore actual haters and continue to move on.

Ignore the haters... ~ @GearWax


  • PancakePocket helped me by sharing his honest opinions about my music and telling me that not everyone who voted low is a hater or jealous person.

Listen to what @Ectisity and the others are telling you, they may sound like haters, but most of the time they want to help you create better music for your fans!~ @PancakePocket



I hope you are all proud of me and how far I've come.


I also want to apologize for being a jerk to these lovely people, especially Ectisity. Im sorry dude. I have anxiety disorder, so anything "mean" can tick me off. I have been bullied for a long time, so I'm always stressing out. So sorry to all those people who saw my bad side here on NG, you don't know all the trauma I've been through.



I have a Discord now!!

2017-10-21 18:06:14 by Infinityofficial

After @SoundUnity begged me non stop, I finally gave in to create a Discord account


Talk to me, ask me any music questions, or collabs chat!

Good question subject bar...


The Dubstep Wars is a contest that revolves around a genre of music: Dubstep 


Even though the contest name is The Dubstep Wars, the contest accepts any genre of music 


The deadline for The Dubstep Wars is NOVEMBER 16*


*For more information on the contest go to @SoundUnity 's profile




2017-10-16 17:06:15 by Infinityofficial

Anyone going to join the DUBSTEP WARS! ?




I am! Come join :)

I invite @PancakePocket , @SkylightOfficial , @Halo-Halo and @AndoGDTunes to enter as well 

The person behind the dubstep...

2017-10-15 08:03:06 by Infinityofficial

Ok guys, when you hear my music, how do you imagine how I look like?


Comment what you thought how I looked it versus how I actually look 


Here's an image of me currently. The last picture was actually from two years ago...



*@SoundUnity put a filter on me :p

Is it how you imagined me?

The Black Sea is out!

2017-10-12 10:18:12 by Infinityofficial

Go listen to it



Staus update!!

2017-10-04 08:28:09 by Infinityofficial

Hey! I just wanted to say hi and tell you of important things :)


I've been caught up on music and I'm planning to release my track sometime this week. My boyfriend, @SoundUnity is also caught up on the label and is trying hard to release  the promotions and label releases out as soon as possible. Our apologies if we're slower than normal, we are working hard to give you the best music possible at a convenient time.


P.s, we're going to Lakeland, FL today, so if you find us, say hi! :)





~Sound Unity 

 Record label