Release Me is #1!!!!

2017-08-19 19:42:59 by Infinityofficial

Release Me is #1in Vocal!!


thank you to all my fans and listeners who helped review "Release Me" and get it in first place in the "Vocal" tag!6355436_150318594533_PicsArt_08-18-06.08.36.jpg


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2017-08-19 21:16:38

This is going down in history

Kill me

Infinityofficial responds:

Nah, it'll probably be taken out of first place sooner or later, I mean, it's been there for a week. But,this is a really big accomplishment to me, so it's a pretty big deal to me :)


2017-08-19 21:41:55

Yay!! Congratulations Ihmïsët! :)

Infinityofficial responds:

:) thanks!