2017-09-07 08:22:30 by Infinityofficial

Turns out that my Microsoft Surface pro 4 is too advanced for my simple self.




My boyfriend had to plug it into his laptop to delete the unnecessary data manually (which was 1.6 GB of data )


New song coming up ;)


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2017-09-08 17:25:41

i'm sorry to hear that but atleast it worked out. (and you got help)
good luck with making the new song though ^_^


2017-09-11 02:39:28

Meh, modern operating systems love to store useless files as time goes on, glad he found all the temp files and folders.

(Updated ) Infinityofficial responds:

The struggle... When he returned it, he told me in order to keep deleting files, I have to restart my tablet at least once a week. :'v