Ihmïsët, what is the DUBSTEP WARS??

2017-10-19 18:13:15 by Infinityofficial

Good question subject bar...


The Dubstep Wars is a contest that revolves around a genre of music: Dubstep 


Even though the contest name is The Dubstep Wars, the contest accepts any genre of music 


The deadline for The Dubstep Wars is NOVEMBER 16*


*For more information on the contest go to @SoundUnity 's profile




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2017-10-20 10:17:33

So... Any genre... i thought it was only dubstep... well, this makes it a lot easier... :P

Infinityofficial responds:

Yup :)


2017-10-20 12:04:30

@DJRadiocutter also, Halo contacted me saying that a month is too little time to submit a contest entry. Do you want me to contact my boyfriend (Sound Unity)to give you some more time?


2017-10-21 13:55:36

haaaaaaaaaay how's it going?
I literally just uploaded my submission and I'm so proud of it!!!!!!
eeeeeeeek im so excited